Resource Navigation Training from Arizona Coalition for Military Families

Yesterday I went for training in Military/Veteran Resource Navigation.  It was an instructive day.  I was glad to see how many of the things we have learned over the last three years are similar to what these folks are training people to do.  It was heartening to feel sure that we’ve been on the right course, as we’ve built this site, populated it with pertinent/vetted sites, and done the outreach in Oro Valley which we’ve done.  I hope to continue to communicate with the people involved with the Arizona Coalition for Military Families, and to make use of the resources they generously provide to anyone who has an interest in Veteran concerns.  There is no cost for this training.

I recommend anyone who is interested in engaging with Veterans or Military Service people, or offering guidance/assistance to these groups, to get this training, and to familiarize yourselves with their site, in addition to ours.  We offer many of the same resources in dealing with issues our returning Veterans face, and as well as Veterans long done with service, families and friends, and those interested in volunteering.

We need more trained and willing partners to assist the soon-to-come influx of returning Veterans.  Our communities need volunteers and Veteran related agencies to stay available, competent and visible, for/to our returning men and women, so they will be able to see, easily and clearly, that their communities care about them, and are willing to assist in thoughtful ways with their transition processes back into life at home.

We believe there is going to be a large growth in our Veteran population in Arizona, and we need to do what we can to make them welcome, and to make sure that we have the tools to be useful to them, as they rejoin our communities and begin to deal with any issues that may come up from the years and years of war they have experienced.

Many, perhaps most, of our Veterans will make smooth transitions and become leaders in their chosen businesses and communities.  Even those folks deserve our best thinking.  This training is an opportunity to become more aware of what they have been through, and to become better allies to them as they transition back to civilian life.

It offers the skill sets needed to assist Veterans:

  • in finding the best available resources to begin the  process of healing the unseen wounds of PTSD
  • addressing the ongoing challenges/effects of TBIs(Traumatic Brain Injuries)
  • transitioning back into the job market
  • acquiring more education, housing, and many other things
  • by equipping citizens in our community with the tools to be of service to those who have given their service to us, and this country.

I highly recommend this training to the general population, and certainly anyone who is interested in volunteering with Veterans..  It is not a difficult day, nor does it entail an exam at the end of it.  It simply engages each participant, in learning more about what a returning Military/Veteran may encounter/experience on transitioning back to life in our communities, and makes us, the general population, more able to respond and be useful, in ways that show our respect for their service.

These are our people.  We need to welcome them back in the most respectful ways we have available to us.  Training to become a Resource Navigation person is an effective way to show your respect.  You may never actually sit down and use the training as taught.  You may never find yourself in that situation.  Who knows?  But, it would be a thoughtful way to welcome our fellow citizens home…perhaps, even more than parades and parties, or, certainly, in addition to them.

Not everyone is going to be moved to look for an opportunity to receive this day of training.  But, perhaps there are a few of you reading this who will check into it, and follow through.  I admire the ability and skill of the folks who are involved in the training, and the ongoing work that ACMF is doing.

Their next Tucson training session is going to take place on September 30.  You can go to their website, and get information about it, and register for the training.  I will try and post the link to their site here…  If I don’t succeed in doing the type of link that can be simply clicked on, you can copy and paste it in your browsers.  Here is the link:

I was impressed with the information that was given, and the way they handled the training.  We have learned many of the same things they spoke of, over the last three years of Oro Valley Veterans Support Initiative’s existence.

We will use this new training when appropriate, as we continue to set our table up at the Oro Valley Heirloom Farmers’ Market on the 1st Saturday of each month.  Look for us, we get moved around here to there, at the Market, but some of us are almost always in attendance that first Saturday.  The Market is located at the old Steam Pump Ranch, on Oracle Road, in Oro Valley.

So, Resource Navigator Training…a great tool.  Go for it!


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