Oro Valley Veterans Support Initiative, First Saturday table at the Oro Valley Heirloom Farmers’ Market

Saturday we had our table set up at the Oro Valley Heirloom Farmers’ Market, and spent the morning fielding questions, and giving out information. Lisa Pecoraro came by and spent time. She is the new leader of the Oro Valley Quilts of Valor quilters. We had a great time. She will have a table four times a year at our Farmers’ Market now, too. I think we will have it arranged so our tables can be near each other. We will have a nice Veterans’ niche there. In the meantime, while they gather a table, a cover/tent, etc, I will get a quilt from Lisa and a batch of their brochures, and will put up a quilt behind me next month, hung from our covering. Should make a great backdrop! 
***If anyone or any group/organization has a tent/cover that they would like to loan/donate to Quilts of Valor here in OV for using at the Farmers’ Market four times a year, let me know. You can tell me on here, or email me at vsi.ovaz@gmail.com. I know they will appreciate it enormously. They are a 501c3, but do not spend their money/donations on anything but quilting materials, and I applaud that.

*** You know the kind of cover I mean…let me see if I can post a picture of what is needed…  They wouldn’t need the sides or back, necessarily.  If you have one you can loan, or donate to them, you can email me at: vsi.ovaz@gmail.com.  Thanks in advance!***    acecanopy_2103_7927700

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