Another First Saturday at the Oro Valley Heirloom Farmers’ Market

Today we had our regular monthly table for OVVSI at the Oro Valley Farmers’ Market, and it was fabulous. We had a good number of people stop and talk and ask us for information. We had four of us there, working the table at one time or another. Deb Larson, from our Oro Valley American Legion Aux. Unit 132 was there for most of the morning, wonderful as always; a terrific, welcoming person. Jim Martens, our excellent Service Officer from Oro Valley American Legion Post 132 was also there. He was able to answer lots of questions, and direct folks to the right place to get answers on all manner of issues. It was great to have him there, and I hope both he and Deb become regulars at the table. They have just the right temperament for it, and are good with people.
Onita Davis was also there, as she is so many First Saturdays, no matter what is on her plate. She always manages to make time, and to make it seem like it is the most important thing she could be doing. I adore her, of course, and am always grateful for her company and her incredible devotion to our Veteran population. She and her husband, Ed, who is also at the table many, many, MANY First Saturdays, are truly generous with their time and expertise with all things connected to Veterans in our area. We have such a good time when we are together, and I think we also provide good service to our Veteran community, while laughing, enjoying the beautiful weather, and drinking way too much coffee!
I will post the pictures, from this morning, of most of us…I think Onita may have escaped, but will check when the pics come in from Jim’s phone. I brilliantly remembered my camera today, and only after I took my first picture, realized that I had left the memory card tucked into the computer at home! Oops! Fortunately Jim and Onita with their smart phones took care of business.
A number of new Post members may have come from our morning’s adventure, and a good number of questions, about this need or that, were all answered, or are on the way to being answered by the experts with whom we connect our Veterans. All good, plus we have such a great time talking to folks. It is always, always worth the time spent there. I come away, feeling refreshed and envigorated, every single month I do it, and that is going on six years, now…we will start our seventh year, in June. Amazing, huh!
So, a big thank you to Deb Larson, Jim Martens, and Onita Davis. It was a good morning. Well done.

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